Volcano Trekking Indonesia to mount Rinjani volcano Lombok is an active volcan that  located on the island of Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. Its rises to 3,726m above sea level making it the second highest volcano in Indonesia. Taking volcano Trekking Indonesia to mount Rinjani that present the beautiful world nature based on Eco-tourism with the beautiful crater lake known as Segara Anak or Anak Laut ( Child of the sea). This lake is approximately 2010m above the sea level. Baby volcano or Gunung Baru Jari known as the active volcano lined in the lake approximately 350m above the lake level or 2360m above the sea level. And the healing hot spring close to the lake ( Camp site ), it takes approx 10 minutes walk can be enjoyed by all the visitor after having fun on the top of mount rinjani who climb via Sembalun and will be enjoyed before climbing to mount rinjani summit for who climb via Senaru.


That mount rinjani is a holly mountain where the local people who believe in the spirit of mount rinjani climb for religion purpose (Meditations). Every year the Hindus religion from Lombok island of Bali climb to mount rinjani for meditation, pray to their own believer. And the local people on the foot of mount rinjani believe that the healing hot spring close to the lake can cure all kind of disease.

Mount rinjani trekking can be done via sembalun or senaru village. Those routes are legal known by the Indonesian government. Has been developed by New Zealand Government assistance since 1999 under the partnership of The National Park.  Base on ecotourism management, mount rinjani has received the following International and National Awards:

The World Legacy Award sponsored by International Conservation and National Geographic Traveler, June 2004 The Award for Innovative Ecotourism from the Ministry of Tourism, September 2004,A finalist in the Tourism for Tomorrow Destination Awards, April 2005

Reaching mount rinjani summit will be faster from sembalun village which is the most popular trekking center for the trekker all around the world who climb mount rinjani for short program of long program. Mount rinjani summit can be done in 2Days – 1Night trekking via sembalun.


We recommended take a half day tour to explore the beautiful sembalun valley 1200m above sea level on the foot of mount rinjani while waiting for your trekking date. The visitor known that sembalun village is the city of the hills, rich of agriculture, unique culture and tradition. Click here Sembalun Panorama Walk

We recommended for the trekker who has short time not able to climb to the summit and who just want to see the wonderful crater lake form 2640m above sea level ( Pelawangan Senaru ), Walk trough the beautiful rain forest with lots of animals will make your 2Days- 1Night trekking Crater Rim Senaru more fun.


To fill your empty day we suggested you to visit the natural beauty of Sindang Gila and Tiu Kelep waterfall can be reach by foot from your hotel where you stay in Senaru. More about the waterfall hike

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The south summit trek available for 2D1N Trekking to Sangkareang summit that rise to 3300m above sea level. This trekking program will be stared and finished in Tetebatu village 600m above sea level that offer the beautiful rice terrace, waterfall and rich of herbs that you might try before your trekking date. Other interesting activities that might interest you in Tetebatu; One Day Biking Trip & Panorama Tour Tetebatu.


Taking this trekking programs to the south summit of mount Rinjani guarantee worth is with the untouchable jungle treks, rich of Flora & Fauna can be seen along the trek up to the camp site. The south summit 3300m allowed you to seed the incredible crater lake & baby volcano from the south angle views. Your one night hotel pre trek will be spend in Tetebatu village, then our team will pick you up in the morning then drop you off to the jungle gate.

Rinjani via Timbanuh trekking route is the second option to rich mount Rinjani south summit that rise to 3500m known as the second peak of mount Rinjani. This trekking will be started and finished in Timbanuh village that rise to 500m above sea level. You may explore the beautiful Tetebatu village pre trek with our best day tours programs that might interest you; One Day Biking Trip & One Day Panorama Tour Tetebatu.


Taking this trekking programs to the south summit of mount Rinjani will be worth it that start form 500m above sea level. First day of the trek will be walk trough the wild jungle & wide savanna to the camp site “Timbanuh Crater Rim” where you can see the incredible crater lake & Baby volcano that lined on the lake. On your second day of the trek, you will be woken up at the midnight by our team for the summit attack.   

We know how to treat our clients for their satisfactions adventure in the exotic Lombok island. we provide you these Rinjani trekking package service; VVIP, VIP, DELUXE & STANDARD packages service that you can choice depending on your travel wish. This trekking packages included with all trekking operational needs. Compliment free dinner at our restaurant SAMASTA RINJANI SUMMIT for clients who spend one night pre trek in Sembalun

VVIP PACKAGE SERVICE for those who want to have luxury hotel before trekking and want to have mountain adventure experiences more exclusive that included with our medic team during the trek, our documentations team & free private tour in Lombok before trekking. Read more

VIP PACKAGE SERVICE that we design for our customers who want to have lower classes of hotel before trekking and wish to have our second packages service on the mountain that included with our medic team during the trip & free private tour in Lombok before trekking. Read more

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STANDARD PACKAGE SERVICE with our standard mountain service, standard camping facilities, standard room hotel before trekking that included in the trekking package price. Off course included with our compliment private tour in Lombok. Read more


Trekking Route


Trekking Service

Price from 2 to 10 people

Standard Deluxe VIP VVIP
Sembalun 2D1N $239 $297 $396 $477
Sembalun 3D2N $297 $350 $470 $570
Sembalun N 4D3N $417 $520 $640 $738
Senaru 2D1N $232 $290 $370 $434
Tetebatu 2D1N $229 N/A N/A N/A
Timbanuh 2D1N $229 N/A N/A N/A