Lombok Soft Trekking to Pergasingan Hill Lombok

Lombok Soft Trekking Package to Pergasingan Hill Lombok & Kanji Wilde Flowers Trip

Pergasingan hill is the most recommended place to experience the wonderfull natures of Lombok Island and breath the fresh air during your trip while refreshing your mind from your busy daily work. The stunning sunries and sunset can be seen from the summit of the hill, and also the wonderfull thousands fo night stars can be seen from your camp. This trip can be done for one day trip called Sunrise Trip Lombok  and 2Days -1Night camping.

Soft Trek Package Pergasingan Hill

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2Days -1Night Camping

One Day Sunrise Trip

Guranteee taking either Sunrise trip or one night camping on pergasingan hill won’t be disspointed by the wondefull rice padies seen around the sembalun valley and the greatest mount rinjani volcano can be seen along the trek up to the hill, and also mount Agung in Balin and mount Tambora in Sumbawa can be seen from the summit.


Lomok Soft Trekking

Pergasingan Hill is a wonderful alternative if you are unable to trek Mount Rinjani or if you are looking for something more gentle, while still offering breathtaking scenery.

Wilde Flower Soft Trek Package
The Wild Flower Trek is another great alternative to Rinjani Trekking. Taking a soft trek to Kanji will improve your knowledge of local flora and you will enjoy beautiful views all along the trail.

Lombok Soft Trekking Package price

Wilde Flower Trip Lombok

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One day trip wild flower
2Days -1Night Camping
Kanji is a lovely Savannah where you set your tent and camp for the night in the expansive field with a stunning view of Mount Rinjani. The lovely nature of Kanji will make you feel peaceful and calm. Here you are also able to take part in the local attraction of “Calling Cows”, a unique experience where by shaking a bottle of salty water and calling out “eeeeekkkk Maaaaaa” dozens of cows will emerge from the jungle into the field around you.

Wild Flower

Kanji is a true haven. Not only are you surrounded by an abundance of flora and fauna but by night you can lay in a quiet place and enjoy the magic of the stars in the night sky, and in the morning, awaken surrounded by nature and feel the morning dew when you step outside. Kanji is a very special place.

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