Sasak Tour Semblaun, Lombok Island

Sasak Tour is taking walk to explore lombok wider which is in east lombok sembalun village where you will see adn learn the local tradition and culture will make you feel peacful and much difrent, takking this program will enrich your knowledge in tradition, culture and nature.

Sasak Tour Sembalun” To meet Wiht Sasak tradition, To Explore culture and Traditions”
Sasak people are some of the friendliest in the world, and meeting them during your local tour will make your holiday incredibly special. Although many Sasak people cannot speak English they will welcome you with a friendly smile and saying “Hi” of “Good Morning!” even if it is afternoon, and this will bring a smile to your face.

Sasak Tour

When you do the Sasak tour will visit most of the wonderful tourism attractions in Sembalun such as:

Traditional house
Rice field
Selong hill
Traditional weaving
Traditional music

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We can provide local tours for you before and after you do the Rinjani trek or soft trek. Taking a local tour in Sembalun with the gorgeous sights and wonderful views of the mountainous surrounds is a great way to spend your time while waiting for your trek. We invite you to take part in a local tour, spending time with local people and learning the culture instead of sitting in a chair in front of your hotel waiting for your Trekking day.

For more info about Sasak Tour, just feel free to contact us to ask about what you want to know about via e-mail and hanphone or visit our Facebook Page.