Rinjani Climb Package Singapoer 3 nights – 4 days

Rinjani Climb Package Singapoer we provide you to make your Rinjani Program more relaxing and unforgettable. You will be able to spend plenty of time relaxing at the lake, swimming and enjoying the therapeutic sauna of the hot spring at the lake or you can request to visit the special caves nearby the lake.

Rinjani Trip
Rinjani Trip

– By taking this program your rinjani trip can be more relaxing and more enjoyable. You may spend the night wherever you become tired, and do not wish to walk anymore. You will be able to manage your own time and destinations by choosing this option.
– You may request special order if you wish to make your special trekking program and you can make party if you wish to make a ‘party’ at the lake or maybe have a barbeque for dinner.
– No matter how many people in your group, if you take this program we will do the best we can to help you with whatever you need during your rinjani trip program.
– This program is ideal if your time is flexible or if you are unsure of the pace you wish to trek at.
If you need more info or if you have question for Singapore Program just contact us

First day
– On the first day of your trek program you will have breakfast and then your guide will take you to register at the Rinjani Trek Centre (RTC – located beside your hotel). Then you will begin to walk to Plawangan Sembalun (Sembalun Crater Rim) where you will spend the night.

Second day
– On the second day of the trek your guide will wake you up just after midnight to go up to the summit of Rinjani, you will have a light breakfast before you leave, and when you come back to the base camp from the summit a full breakfast will be waiting for you. You will then prepare your belongings to trek down to Segara Anak – the crater lake and hot spring. You will spend the night at the lake.

Third day
– On the third day of the trek you will trek up to Plawangan Senaru (Senaru Crater Rim) and then begin to go down into towards the Senaru jungle. You will spend the night there.

Last day
– On the last day, you will trek down through the jungle to Senaru where your trek will finish and the car will waiting for you then drive you to your next destinations.

If you have special requests or wish to make your rinjani trip program longer just let us know via phone or email and we will make all arrangements necessary. We aim to please.