LOMBOK TOURLombok tour package to Gili Kondo that offer the exotic white sand beaches, beautiful fish and amazing coral reefs in bold colour. This island will make you feel you are exploring the most beautiful island in Indonesia. Gili Kondo is uninhabited and unspoiled, allowing you to experience the wonders of mother nature in the warm tropical waters and relax on the clean beaches with fine white sand. If you visit Gili Kondo you will be delighted with the activities on offer, snorkeling, swimming, boat tour of the surrounding islands and mangroves, fishing and camping. Meet with other adventurous travelers and enjoy the wonder that is Gili Kondo.

Gili Kondo in East Lombok is uninhabited but is frequented by local traders and tour operators to serve the tourists who visit. You may see “pop up” food and drink stalls, boat tour operators, and a bustling little group of tourist and local Lombok during the day and then enjoy the tranquility of the island by a campfire at night, gazing at the crystal clear skies. You can take a boat tour of the four islands in the are, and it is truly an amazing experience for all ages. The tour comprises Gili Kondo, Gili Kapal, Gili Lampu and Gili Bidara, all completely different and unique islands to explore. Between islands you can stop over coral reefs in vivid color and snorkel right off the boat

Take a little longer to explore the exotic gilis by camping for a night at Gili Kondo. Spend the evening enjoying the night sky in the middle of this beautiful island beach, where the Muji Trekker Team will prepare all your meals and bring you a nice hot beverage so you can fully relax in nature. You will feel like a real explorer so close to the clean white beach in your island paradise! You may even notice the bioluminescent sea creatures that make little blue sparkles on the shoreline. It is truly an amazing opportunity and Muji Trekker are proud to offer it to you!

DAY I “Pick up service & drop to the port”
On the first day of your program, our local Guide and Driver will pick you up at your hotel and drive you to Belanting Harbor, where you will take a Slow Boat with our team across the sea to the Gili Kondo, where you will find a camping ground, white beaches with flowers and palm trees.

DAY II “Explore four gilis & back to hotel”
On the second day of your tour program, you will have breakfast and then be picked up by our Boat Captain. We will begin our day tour of the four gilis and snorkelling stop. We will start from Gili Kondo and head out to Gili Kapal, a truly tiny island completely covered in coral. Next to Gili Lampu – a mangrove forest, then stop the boat in our unique location for some snorkelling on your way to Gili Bidara with its bright white superfine sand and great fishing. This tour will refresh your tired eyes and feed your soul. From Gili Bidara we will head back to Gili Kondo for a late lunch and then head back to Lombok Island where our driver will meet us and take you on to your next destination.




2 to 3 people 4 to 6 people 7 to 10 people 11 & more
2D1N Camping $200 $180 $162 $145

Taking one day tour gili Kondo allowed you to explore four exotic small gili island that lined at south east of Lombok island local called Gili Kondo camping area, Gili kapal the smallest island, Gili lampu mangrove & snorkelling spot & Gili Bidara the lunch spot for one day tour. You will be guided by our team during the tour and serve your lunch, accommodate your operational needs during the tour. We provided private boat for you, no sharing with other customers in this trip. We arrange this type of tour program from all over Lombok island no matter where you want to start the tour form either West, South, North or even East Lombok. Your one day private car and private boat are included in the price, no wonder about your operational needs we arranged for you we aims to give you fun and safe trip in Lombok.


07:00am – 10:00am Pick up service from your hotel at West, South and north Lombok then drive to the port for approx. 3hrs

10:00am – 10:30am Take a boat tour to visit Gili Kondo the first destination

10:30am – 13:00pm explore gili kondo & lunch break

13:00am – 14:00pm explore gili Kapal the smallest island

14:00am - 15:30pm visiting mangrove & snorkelling gili Kapal

15:30pm – 16:00pm visit & explore gili Bidara

16:00pm – 16:30pm back to port – Lombok

16:30pm – 18:30pm drive back to the hotel





2 to 3 people 4 to 6 people 7 to 10 people 11 & more
One day snorkelling $80 $72 $64 $55

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