Mount Rinjani hiking package 3D-2N via Sembalun | Muji Trekker

Mount Rinjani Hiking package

Mount Rinjani hiking package 3 days – 2 nights is the most popular Rinjani Trekking program. You will spend the first night at Pelawang Sembalun (Sembalun Crater Rim), hike to the summit in the morning, visit the volcanic hot springs and lake and then spend the second night at Pelawangan Senaru (Senaru Crater Rim) or alternatively, you can … Read more

Sasak Tour Semblaun, Lombok Island

Sasak Tour is taking walk to explore lombok wider which is in east lombok sembalun village where you will see adn learn the local tradition and culture will make you feel peacful and much difrent, takking this program will enrich your knowledge in tradition, culture and nature. Sasak Tour Sembalun” To meet Wiht Sasak tradition, … Read more