4 The Best medium trekking tour activities in Lombok

4 The Best medium trekking tour activities in Lombok with the most exciting trekking tour packages, we offer four of the best medium trekking tour activities in Lombok, which you can enjoy with your kids, colleagues, or families over a one-day trekking tour or two days, including a night of hiking and camping. This Lombok trekking tour activity caters to a medium level of trekking, requiring a maximum of 4 hours per day, including break times. All the trekking tour packages listed below will start and end in Sembalun village, located at an elevation of 1200 meters, which is known as “the main Rinjani volcano trekking center.” These four trekking tour activities are customizable to suit your interests; we can incorporate two to three destinations into a single trekking itinerary. Feel free to contact us; we are delighted to assist you with your best vacation in Lombok.

Trekking Tour Activities Destinations


All trekking tour packages that we offer in one package included your transport services private car, local tour and trekking guide, entrance and parking fees. We serve your trekking tours from whole over Lombok island, rest assured with our experienced for decade since 2009 in trekking tour organizing.