Type of Tour: Mountain Adventure, Trekking Route: Sembalun 1200masl, Elevations gains: 2520m, Walking distance: 30km 

Destinations: Crater rim – Rinjani Summit – Lake

Duration: 3 Days – 2 Night Trekking

Gate: Start Sembalun – End Sembalun

Availability: April – December 

Difficulty: Medium – Hard

Types Of Packages: Private Tour Package

Volcano Tour Lombok 2D1N via Tetebatu village to the south summit that called Mount Sankgareang rise to 3300m above sea level that offer real jungle trek up to the camp site, rich of natures, flora & fauna that you might see wildflowers & wild birds. Taking this volcano tour Lombok to mount rinjani south summit will be start and finished in Tetebatu village 600m above sea level. Your one night before trekking will be spend in Tetebatu village that famous with the herbs garden, rice terrace natural waterfall and the friendly local people will always great you with their warms smile on your visit. If you arrive in Lombok in the morning or in the afternoon, then you can do half day tour On your free time in Tetebatu that we provided to make your vacation worth in in Lombok; Panorama Tour Tetebatu or Half day biking trip.


Mount Rinjani volcano tour Lombok to the south summit via the untouched trekking route that offers the real jungle trek with the amazing view of Crater Lake & the active Baby volcano from 3300m the south summit. On your first day trek, you might see black monkey, grey monkey, wild birds and wild flower along the way up to the camp site. On your second day, our guide will take you to the summit at 04:00am to see the stunning sunrise from the south angle views of Mount Rinjani Volcano


DAY I (Pick up service)

We will pick you up from the Lombok International Airport at Praya or from whichever port you arrive in, we will then take you directly to beautiful Tetebatu where you can check into the hotel, meet your guide and settle in. Your guide will give you a briefing on the trek program. After that you can relax and enjoy some free time in Tetebatu before going to bed.

DAY II ( Trekking day I )

We will begin Mount Rinjani Volcano Tour Lombok at the National Park office in Tetebatu village at 600m above sea level. Here we will register our entrance ticket. Your guide will explain in detail the trek route and safety procedures. We will then begin our climb. Rest stops will be taken along the way and at Post 2 ‘Pengkla’ Mel Shelter, 1,500m above sea level we will have lunch. After lunch we will continue our ascent for another couple of hours through the jungle to Post 3, ‘Pondok Momot Nyamin’ or ‘Penggu’ as some people call it. Here, at 2000m above sea level there are breathtaking views across to the island of Sumbawa (East of Lombok). After enjoying a rest here, we will continue for a couple of hours through grassy meadows to ‘Plawangan Tetabatu’, the crater rim at 2,650m altitude. Below you will see the amazing Segara Anak Lake and the active new volcano, Gunung Baru (or Mount Baru Jari) which last erupted in 1994. Here we will eat dinner, enjoy the impressive beauty of the landscape, and spend the night camping.

DAY III ( Trekking day II )

After an early coffee or tea and light snack at 3.00 am we will start the trek to the second summit of Rinjani which is 3,500m above sea level. The trek takes about 2.5hours. When we reach the second summit, we will enjoy the sunrise, take in the breathtaking views and drink hot tea or coffee and biscuits, and take some photographs. We will then return to the campsite, where we will take a rest and eat breakfast. We will then begin to climb about 2 hours back down to Post 3, where we will take a rest. The trek then descends for about 6 hours, a picturesque remote trail through the jungle back to Banok village. After lunch at Post 1 ‘Mayung Polak’ we will gently descend for about an hour through Tetebatu Village where the Tetebatu Rinjani trek program will end. We will then take you back to wherever you wish to go in Lombok.

Net Price Per Person In USD 
Type Of Service 2 To 3 People 4 To 6 People 7 To 10 People
Trekking On Standard $229 $218 $210
Trekking On Deluxe N/A    
Trekking On VIP N/A    
  • Mixed Rice (Steam Rice, Fried Vegetables, Eggs & Fried Chicken)
  • Fried Noodles
  • Noodles Soup (Steam Rice, Vegetables & Boilled Eggs)
  • Fried Rice
  • Fried Banana
  • Crackers
  • Snacks
  • Banana Pancake
  • Scramble Egg on Toast
  • Grilled Bread & Jam
  • Apple
  • Orange
  • Pineapple
  • Mineral Water
  • Coca-cola
  • Pulpy Orange
  • Sprite
  • Hot Drinks

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